Fourth platform on seven-steps-altar display of Hina doll

hina doll display
This tier holds two Samurai guards.
Decorations: Hishidai, Zen-zoroe. Hishidai doesn't put here when put a special stairs.

hina doll display
Zuijin means guards of the imperial. They are called U-daijin and Sa-daijin, they are Samurai dolls.

hina doll display
These equipment are swords, bows, arrows and caps.

hina doll display
Zenzoroe of this type is called Kakebanzen.
The dishes on the table can be carried.

hina doll display
This type is Cyou-ashi-zen

hina doll display
1:Otubo 2:Ohira 3:Takatuki 4:Ii-wan 5:Shiru-wan

hina doll display
Hishi-dai means the table for the rice cake diamond shape. It is called hishi-mochi.
They have five colors or three colors, The reason is written following.
White means snow, green means leaf, the other color means flowers so you can image a spring view.


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