Second platform on seven-steps-altar display of Hina doll

hina doll
This tier have three court ladies. The simplest Hina dolls are Sin-nou-kazari of only first platform.
But some people prefer decorating a three-steps-altar of Hina dolls which must have this platform.
Decorations: The decorations are chose either Takatsuki, Hishidai or Hogai.

hina doll tools
San-nin-kanjo means court ladies. They holds a sake equipment.

hina doll tools
The equipment is drinking vessel is used for performing wedding ceremony.
A standing woman on the right is holding a nagae-no-choushi, A sitting woman of center is holding sanpou. Then, a standing woman on the left is holding kuwae-no-choushi.
Nagae means long handle and Kuwae means adding. Sanpou means a table that can be carried. Can you see the silver plate on sanpou, it means Sake cup.

hina doll tools
Takatsuki means stand tables and white and pink materials are round shape rice cakes. It is called maru-mochi.
Pink is kind of red. Red and white are used for celebration because this combination has good means

hina doll tools
Hishi-dai means the table for the rice cake diamond shape. It is called hishi-mochi.
They have five colors or three colors, The reason is written following.
White means snow, green means leaf, the other color means flowers so you can image a spring view.

hina doll tools
Hogai are tubs which put preserved foods of clam. These ones are decorated in front of Dairi-Bina but it is unusual.
Also they are sometimes put at the other tier.


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