First platform on seven-steps-altar display of Hina doll

hina doll ornaments
This is the most important platform because it is a only platform which can be called a Hina-dolls.
Dolls: the dolls of DAIRI-BINA means Emperor and Empress of the imperial dolls.
Decorations: Byoubu, San-pou, bonbori and the other decorations.

hina doll ornaments
Dairi-bina are hina dolls which means an emperor and an empress doll of the imperial dolls.
hina doll ornaments
The folding hand funs are held by Empress doll.
The other ones are attached to Emperor.

hina doll ornaments
BYOUBU is screen panels for Hina dolls. They are decorated behind the emperor and the empress.
Byoubu has several styles which are 6, 3, 4 and 8fold panels etc..They are not decided for decorating.

hina doll ornaments
bonbori are Lantern for Hina dolls. They are usually decorated beside DAIRI-BINA.
The lamp shades are called Hoya which has various patterns and shape.

hina doll ornaments
These ones are also lights.
The decorations of Hina Dolls have either this Syokudai or Bonbori.
Shokudai is often used for Kimekomi dolls because the combo of Kimekomi dolls and Shokudai is traditional style.

hina doll ornaments
Sanpou is put between DAIRI-BINA. The flowers in vases on the table.

hina doll ornaments
Hogai are tubs which put preserved foods of clam. These ones are decorated in front of Dairi-Bina but it is unusual.
Also they are sometimes put at the other tier.

hina doll ornaments
Hishi-dai means the table for the rice cake diamond shape. It is called hishi-mochi.
They have five colors or three colors, The reason is written following.
White means snow, green means leaf, the other color means flowers so you can image a spring view.

hina doll ornaments
Kichou are partitions but these ornaments are just decoration.
These are usually display in front of Byoubu screens and behind bonbori.
However these days, they are put behind Dairi-bina instead of Byoubu screens for small decoration.


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